Stay Strong Lovies!

Hey my name is Sherell...
Been thinking for a while if I should make a personal blog on I just did.

Greeting: Hello humans, aliens, animals, furniture? I don't know, whoever you are...WELCOME TO MY WORLD!
I'm a simple girl, that enjoys other people's company...A LOT! As much as I love knowing other people's story...this blog is kind of my story. But you don't know the whole thing so talk to me! <3 :3

Habits: Overthinking, caring too much, worrying about simple things, keeping to myself, pointing out my flaws...

PROS: Caring, Kind , easy to talk to, fun, weird, random, LOVE people, reading, blogging, seeing through the sliver lining of things, optimistic, sensitive, generous, respectful, loving and um I don't bite!

CONS: Scared, cutter, suicidal, forgetful, short-tempered, depressed, stubborn, "stupid", coward, private, don't open up easily!


I post how I feel here...I'm very bipolar so my post can change from being jolly to dark in a second.

I'm ALWAYS here if you need to talk...
I know my ask URL may screw up at times but send me a fan mail, I'll answer.

I care deeply about my followers, so thank you for following and enjoy my blog!


I do self harm and no I DON'T promote that! I'll never advice someone to do that...go get help, or talk to me. I don't bite...never have! I'm just aother human tryig to stay alive...


We should fear this guy


empty bed


i don’t like your clothes take them off

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 I laughed so hard I cried at the last gif